Mainframe Connectors V4 Temporary Datasets Protection Pre-Requisites

Mainframe Connectors V4 Temporary Datasets Protection Pre-Requisites

Fix description

With V4, Temporary Datasets Protection issue for EXECOUT DD was bypassed using STCJOBs which enabled allocating these files as permanent files.

This fix handles the issue in the code so that these files can be allocated as temporary files. With this fix, the need for STCJOBs when temporary datasets protection is active, is removed. 

This fix requires many fixes as pre-requisite, so to ease the installation of this fix we have prepared an accumulation file containing this fix with all its pre-requisites in a flat file. This file can be found in COMPASS under the header Dataset Protection Issues for EXECOUT DD - Installation Guidelines.


Installation steps

  1. After receiving the PTFs, check the HOLDDATA and perform the actions required BEFORE applying the PTFs.
  2. After applying the PTFs, submit S8TAILOR job from the UPGRADE library to tailor all updated elements according to the values specified during MF Connector installation.
  3. After applying the PTFs, check the HOLDDATA of the applied PTFs which are relevant to your site and perform all actions required AFTER applying the fixes.
  4. Edit member EJCPxxxx (xxxx is the RSS type: RACF, ACF2 or TSS) in the UPGRADE library.
    This job backs up some of the procedures that were copied to the system PROCLIB library during product installation and replaces them with the updated procedures provided with the “Temporary Dataset Protection issues for EXECOUT” fixes.  (This description appears as part of the HOLDDATA of these fixes):
    • Before running this job, set the name of the backup library in the SET BKUPLIB statement.
    • Submit the job. 
      Expected condition codes are summarized in the tables below-
      Step name
      CHECCPR 0 4
      BKUPPROC Not run 0
      CHECCST Not run 0
      COPYPROC Not run 0
    • When STCJOBS=lib    
      CHECCPR 0 4 4
      BKUPPROC Not run 0 0
      CHECCST Not run 4 4
      BKUPSTC Not run 0 0
      COPYPROC Not run 0 0
      COPYSTCJ Not run 0 0
      CHECLCP Not run 4 0
      DELLPRC Not run Not run 0
      DELSPRC Not run 0 Not run
  5. If the product procedures and/or STCJOBs were locally modified, apply these modifications to the new procedures and/or STCJOBs using the backup copies taken by step #4 above.
  6. Customers installing MF V4 Connector for the first time should continue the installation from step 14 in the Administrator Guide.


For new installations - If you wish to use locally developed STCJOBs, they should be set after the MF Connector is installed successfully, based on the distributed STCJOBs provided by SailPoint.

The distributed STCJOBs can be found in the PROCLIB library, with the suffix J (CTSACDJ, CTSACSJ, etc.)





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