File Access Manager / SecurityIQ Information Roadmap

File Access Manager / SecurityIQ Information Roadmap

About this Document

This document is intended to help you find the File Access Manager content you need, on Compass. It lists and links Compass articles and downloads, by category.

This roadmap document is updated periodically as new content is added to Compass, so check back frequently, or subscribe, to keep up with changes and additions to the content listed here.

Also note that some of the articles linked here may apply to specific versions of File Access Manager (formerly SecurityIQ); most articles include tags indicating which version(s) they apply to, but if you're unsure, post a question in the comments of the relevant document.

Some articles are listed in more than one category below, in cases where they contain content relevant to multiple categories.

Product Documentation


Connectors and Endpoints

Data Classification

Crawling and Permissions

Governance/Identity Collection


Activity Monitoring


For More Help




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