How to Apply the Canadian SIN Verifier

How to Apply the Canadian SIN Verifier


**NOTE: the associated download is currently only applicable for v8.1.  To access the download please click here. This will be an OOTB Verifier included in a 8.2 version.

  1. Download and unzip attached on the server which has access to the FAM Business Website
  2. Login to the Business Website with a user that can access the Compliance tab (administrator)
  3. Click Compliance > Data Classification > Verification Algorithm
    1. barbara_hodgkin_0-1623893892351.png


  4. Click + New Verification Algorithm
  5. Enter information into the pop-up screen
    1. Add the unzip .dll to the Select File
    2. Name it as desired
    3. Add a description if desired
    4. barbara_hodgkin_1-1623893892355.png


  6. Click Save
  7. From the Data Classification dropdown, select Policy Objects
  8. Click + New Policy Object
  9. Enter information
    1. Name the Policy Object as desired
    2. For Type, select Regex
    3. For Value, enter \b(\d){3}[- ]?(\d){3}[- ]?(\d){3}\b , click Add
      1.      NOTE: The regex value can be adjusted as desired, this is the recommended value.  The verifier will account for these configuration of values – 9 no space digits, 3 sets of 3 digits with a space or a dash
    4. For Verification Algorithm select enter Name above
    5. Use mask values if desire
    6. Verifier.png
  10. Click Save

You will now be able to utilize that Policy Object as desired in Rules which those rules can be added to the Policies.


Clear Steps, Thank you

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