IdentityIQ File Access Manager 8.0.1 release notes

IdentityIQ File Access Manager 8.0.1 release notes



Is there a download link for 8.0.1 somewhere?

@brian_bors  - There was an official announcement from the File Access Management team:

The main features of this version include:

  • Screens migrated from the admin client to the web site, each have a new shiny look with many improvements along the way:
    • Tasks – with live updates and enhanced bulk actions
    • Scheduled Tasks
    • Permission Forensics
  • Silent installation of the server installer and the services it installs
  • Enhanced crawl scope configuration
  • Access fulfillment custom PowerShell script use for non-normalized resources
  • SharePoint 2019 support
  • Upgrade package is now an .appx file (although it’s extension is kept .wbxpkg) and it is signed by SailPoint’s certificate and verified during the package upload process
    • This was done as part of the effort to support Common Criteria standards
  • File Access Manager is now aligned with IdentityIQ on the licensing enforcement. The license is no longer required and the admin client will never lock as a result
  • Many bugs fixes and performance improvements


Please see Release notes for additional details.

Please also consult the Upgrade guide prior to upgrading.

The binaries are available here (Compass message with link to Box).

All the docs for this release are available here (under Patches and E-Fixes).


I tried to download the installer from box but is not available:

This shared file or folder link has been removed or is unavailable to you.

Is there another way to get the file?


@josh_lewin @jmartinez It's not working for me either.

Hi, @brian_bors and @jmartinez 

There seems to have been an issue with the link. This is the updated link in Box for the uploads: IdentityIQ File Access Manager 8.01 download 

I'll update the message above as well.

- Josh

Hi @josh_lewin 

Regarding the Crawler scope enhancement: In this new release, is it possible to run the crawler on specific share which is part of already defined application? i.e. If I have an application NetApp file server defined. The initial full crawl is completed some time back and now I want to run a crawl on just a part of the entire app. (e.g. a share) so that I can get details of latest folder tree without spending time in full crawl. Can this be done in new release?



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