Pruning Activities from File Access Manager

Pruning Activities from File Access Manager

To maintain the health of your database, it is recommended that you prune activities/events from the File Access Manager database.

You can prune activity data on an ad hoc basis or via a schedule. These instructions use 180 days of activities as the pruning threshold, as an example.

  1. In the File Access Manager Business Website (web client), click the Forensics tab.



  2. Build a Query to display all events for all Applications After X date:
    1. Leave all filters field blank OR set a filter only for the Application(s) you wish to prune activities from.
    2. In the Time Frame drop-down, select Advanced Options


    3. In Advanced Options, choose Last Period from the Time Frame drop-down.
    4. Set the Period field to Older Than and enter 180 Days as the value. (This value can be modified as required.)
    5. Click Apply
  3. Click Apply on the Activity Forensics screen to see updated query results.
  4. Once results are displayed, click Actions in the top right corner, and select Delete Query Results.
  5. In the displayed window, select Once for ad hoc pruning, or Repeating to set a schedule.


  6. If a schedule is set it will appear in the File Access Manager Admin Client under Scheduled Tasks. It can be modified or deleted there.
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