SecurityIQ 6.0 Released E-Fixes – December 2018

SecurityIQ 6.0 Released E-Fixes – December 2018

SecurityIQ 6.0 Released E-Fixes – December 2018




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SIQETN-2237Data Classification Enhancements - Post 6.0 releaseData Classification6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2269Permission queries for DFS Applications can cause high CPU usageDatabase6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2265User Interface Security UpdatesUser Interface6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2254Restricting communications to TLS 1.2 prevents RabbitMQ communicationsData Classification, Permission Collection, RabbitMQ6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2247Google Drive events can't be parsed, ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionAgents - Google Drive BAM5.1, 5.1p1, 6.0, 6.0SP15.1, 5.1p1, 6.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2073Campaign report performanceReport - Campaign Entitlements Summary5.1, 5.1p1, 6.06.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2249SharePoint IIS logs can't be read when a non-log / badly formatted file exists in the log folderAgents - Sharepoint BAM6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2248Crawler exclusion regex doesn't prevent the Crawler from trying to access site collectionsBusiness Resource Crawler - SharePoint6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2234Data Classification Rule Using "Contains None of" Works as "Contains Any/All of"Data Classification,6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2298Sensitive Account Exclusions causes erroneous "must_not" ES clause (missing comma)Data Classification, Elasticsearch, Task Scheduler6, 6.0SP1, 6.0SP26.0SP26.0SP3
SIQETN-2209Data Classification Results do not include all DFS resources when filtering by DFS app or app typeDatabase6, 6.0SP1, 6.0SP2, 6.16.0SP26.0SP3
SIQETN-2271EU License Plate Regex fails to parseData Classification6, 6.0SP16.0SP26.1
SIQETN-2268Wrong Max Recursion syntax on Permission Collection on a specific BRPermission Collection6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2198Data Owner and Resource Dashboards Loading FailedSecurityIQ Website6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2260Google Driver Permission Collection with Collector fails to collect permissions if crawler has not been run while Collector service has been runningPermissions Collection - Google Drive6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2259Permission Collection likely to timeout when including long running Identity SyncPermission Collection6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2264Remove decryptString method from User Interface APIAdministrative Client, User Interface6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2263Uploading a malformed upgrade package could cause a malicious file to be extract to the user interface server local driveSetup - Upgrade Management, User Interface5.1, 5.1p1, 6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2258Default Password for admin client AD authenticated usersAdministrative Client6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2257Security Update for the getConfigFields functionUser Interface6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2243Data Classification: DB Delete fails with conflicted REFERENCE constraint when re-indexingData Classification6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2236WCF services fail to start on Operation Timeout errorWCFServices6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2235Automatic Access Fulfillment task not being created for revocation of user membership in groupsWorkflow Engine - Access Certification6, 6.0SP16.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2232Events stuck in the Event Collector queue because of Classification replication across DFS link targetsEvent Manager5.1p1, 6.05.1p1, 6.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2128Group Membership info for an activity not enriched, if the group name has a special character like bracketActivity Monitoring5.1, 5.1p1, 6.05.1, 5.1p1, 6.06.0SP1, 6.1
SIQETN-2231Unable to normalize folder because error finding domainData in cache by DomainNameAccess Fulfillment - File Server5.1, 5.1p1, 6.05.1, 5.1p1, 6.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2197Slow service startup can cause windows service start failureAgents - Google Drive BAM5.1, 5.1p1, 6.05.1, 5.1p1, 6.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2111Box - No Events receivedAgents - Box BAM5.1, 5.1p1, 6.05.1, 5.1p1, 6.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2225Elasticsearch Reindex Events task fails on JSON parsing errorTask Scheduler5.1, 5.1p1, 6, 6.0SP15.1, 5.1p1, 6.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2203EMC Isilon Activity Monitor: Short path expansion(path with tilde) can cause delays in event reader threadAgents - EMC Isilon CIFS BAM5.1, 5.1p1, 6.05.1, 5.1p1, 6.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2206Excel data classification does not extract number fieldsData Classification6.06.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2174Can't set an owner to a DFS BR with an underscoreUser Interface, ,, 6.1
SIQETN-2178RabbitMQ Crawler Engine fails near completion when running over 3 hoursBusiness Resource Crawler, RabbitMQ,, 6.1
SIQETN-2177Reports Creation Date field in the SecurityIQ Website displays "Invalid Date" or an incorrect dateSecurityIQ Website5.1, 5.1p1,, 6.1
SIQETN-2157RabbitMQ fails to start when installed on a path with spaces which is not on the system driveSetup - Server Installer6.06.06.0SP1, 6.1
SIQETN-2153SharePoint IIS logs defined to be written under an explicit local path in a multi-server farm aren't collected in Automatic modeAgents - Sharepoint BAM5.1, 5.1p1, 6.05.1, 5.1p1, 6.06.0SP1, 6.1
SIQETN-2152PC and DC services taking too long to start can timeout and stopCollectors, Data Classification, Permission Collection6.06.06.0SP1, 6.1
SIQETN-2136Generating reports sometimes fails.Reporting Service5.1, 5.1p1, 6.05.1, 5.1p1, 6.06.0SP1, 6.1
SIQETN-2114Add local time for email alerts from activity monitoringActivity Monitoring, Report - Alerts, Server5.1, 5.1p1, 6.05.1, 5.1p1, 6.06.0SP1, 6.1
SIQETN-2139Hierarchical queries are limited to 100 recursive loopsDatabase5.1, 5.1p1, 6.05.1, 5.1p1, 6.06.0SP1, 6.1
SIQETN-2135Exchange activity not getting AD enrichedAgents - Exchange BAM, Event Manager5.1, 5.1p1, 6.05.1, 5.1p1, 6.06.0SP1, 6.1
SIQETN-2129Resources are created with plain drive lettersAgents - Windows File Server BAM5.1, 5.1p1, 6.05.1, 5.1p1, 6.06.0SP1, 6.1
SIQETN-2131NetApp mount points are not being crawledBusiness Resource Crawler - NetApp CIFS5.1, 5.1p1, 6.05.1, 5.1p1, 6.06.0SP1, 6.1
SIQETN-2122Permissions which are no longer relevant are not properly deletedPermission Collection5.1p1, 6, 6.0SP15.1p1, 6, 6.0SP16.0SP2, 6.1
SIQETN-2120all Not X operators nor working for WPC fields in Activity Forensics  (Not Contains, Not starts with, etc.)Business Website, SecurityIQ Website6.06.06.0SP1
SIQETN-2119Resources created by Activity Monitoring, may be created with wrong hierarchy or appear as rootsAgents, Event Manager5.1, 5.1p1, 6.05.1, 5.1p1, 6.06.0SP1
SIQETN-2117Role Path does not show in the User Membership in Groups results in Admin ClientAdministrative Client, Permission Collection6.06.06.0SP1, 6.1
SIQETN-2012Agent Configuration Manager messages to BAM are too bigAgents - EMC Celerra BAM5.1p1,, 6.1


Affected Version – is the version on which the issue occurs, or that’s affected by the issue

Fix Versions – are the versions for which a fix exists

Fixed In – Is the first version in which the issue is already fixed, i.e., the fix is already included in that version

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