Updating the Default "From/Sender" SMTP Email Response

Updating the Default "From/Sender" SMTP Email Response

Affected Versions: 6.x, 8.X 

This article is aimed to assist you in updating the Out of the Box "From/Sender" field for emails such as Access Certification Report and more. 

Note: Please click the images to enlarge if needed.

  1. Open the Admin Client -> Applications Tab > Configuration > Activity Monitoring > Responses > Manage Responses -> SMTP.
    ss1.png ss2.png
  2. Edit the response called "Reports response".
    • ss3.png
  3. Modify the "From" field.
    • ss4.png
  4. Save.
  5. Stop and start the Workflow service. Note: May be required if you do not see the change immediately reflected.



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