SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee

File Access Manager 8.2 Service Pack 2 Released!

We are excited to announce our File Access Manager 8.2 Service Pack 2 is now available!

 This Service Packs include some really cool stuff, with Highlights like:

  1. Dynamic Memory Utilization for Data Classification - We now check and adjusts memory usage while running to optimize performance and prevent out of memory exceptions.  This also includes service level fault protection during text extraction. 
  2. Data Classification Forensic Reports Allow for more than 10K Results
  3. Overhaul of Data Classification Policy Objects - 
    1. Improved ICD Policy Objects
    2. EU Phone Number policy rule has been split into separate rules per country for GDPR policy so it will be possible to disable specific country phone number rules
    3. Improved credit card REGEX Policy Objects for less false positives
  4. Option to No longer Save Events to Database - we now supports the ability to turn off/on whether SQL event backups are made, and also whether they are cleaned up during event deletion.

And lots of other stuff! 

We encourage you to download and deploy this Service Pack!  Download can be found here 

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