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Update Notice for O365 Government Community Cloud (GCC) Users Using FAM SharePoint Online/OneDrive

General Announcement:

Starting Sept. 15th, 2022 Microsoft will restrict Government Community Cloud (GCC) accounts access to the Microsoft 365 Management Activity API endpoints through Enterprise Management API URL. For those accounts, Microsoft will enforce data collection using the Microsoft 365 Management Activity API through designated Government Community Cloud (GCC) URLs.  You can find details regrading this here:  This has also been communicated in Microsoft announcements MC221116, MC223431 & MC395212.

NOTE: This only applies to customers utilizing Government Community Cloud, all Enterprise plans will be unaffected by this change.


What this means for FAM:

The Office 365 Management APIs provide a single extensibility platform for all Office 365 management tasks, including service communications, security, compliance, reporting, and auditing. All of the Office 365 Management APIs are consistent in design and implementation with the current suite of Office 365 REST APIs.

File Access Manager uses the Office 365 Management APIs to gather activity and audit data on OneDrive and SharePoint Online managed applications. File Access Manager uses the Authorization Code Token Acquisition flow to generate and refresh OAuth tokens.  These tokens are used to access different resources on the tenant’s environment.  This includes the O365 Management API token.

For customers utilizing the FAM SharePoint Online and OneDrive applications which utilize a GCC plan, an efix will be provided which will need to be applied to ensure connectivity is maintained after the Microsoft connectivity changes are in place.

A follow-up announcement will be released with the e-fix and details on how to apply this e-fix.


Action Needed:

This e-fix will be made available for the latest Service Packs: 8.3 SP1 and 8.2 SP2.  These changes will also be included in the upcoming Service Packs 8.3 SP2, 8.2 SP3 (targeted end of September 2022) as well as the upcoming major release 8.4.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions or concerns.

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