Access Profiles Feature Overview Video

Access Profiles Feature Overview Video

This short video shows how IdentityNow uses Access Profiles to help define and govern access for your organization.

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In the video you made a statement that entitlements can be automatically removed when a user transitions into a different role. I am not getting the result you mentioned in testing, rather I can only add entitlements. Is this something that has to be enabled by your team?

This functionality will be available in the next month or so.

When we use Access Profiles, the entitlements do not show up in the certification campaigns. We have to have them show up in the campaigns for compliance. Can anyone provide guidance on how to fix this issue?

Example: Application 1 has 12 unique entitlements and there are 6 unique combinations of these 12 entitlements. 100+ users have access to the application, with ~ 19 unique Job Profile titles (Workday). Prior to creating Access Profiles, aligned with the 6 unique entitlement combos, the Manager cert campaign worked fine...kind of. For each entitlement, the user would have a record on the report. After creating the Access Profiles, each user (with no Access Profile assigned to them) had 3 records, one for a different Access Profile. This totally does not make sense! Has anyone else come across this issue? 

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