SailPoint's Product Management Series: Exposing and Managing SaaS Sprawl and Shadow IT

SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee
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This webinar introduced the practice of SaaS Management, how you can leverage SailPoint to expose and automate management of your entire SaaS footprint, and some best practices that will help you future-proof identity security for SaaS applications.

List of Direct Integrations:

  • You can take a look at the up to date direct integrations available for SaaS Management here. Keep in mind the discoverable apps are not limited to these integrations, these are the various data sources to expose your SaaS footprint.
  • Make sure the “SaaS Management” box is checked at the top of the table

Integration Documentation:

  • For more detailed information and set up instructions for SaaS Management integrations, you can view them by category here.