SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee

Welcome to the SaaS Platform Connectivity Beta

We're very excited and thankful that you chose to participate in this beta program.

We've created this Compass space, as a dedicated location for all things Beta.
This is where you can get updates on the beta program, submit questions, and interact with other customers that are participating in this Beta program. 

We appreciate any and all feedback, encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas and interact with other customers - as well as our product and engineering teams. 

For more information about these new capabilities, please check out this post and the Product Documentation linked below. Available connectors are: 

  • GitHub
  • Smartsheet
  • Tableau
  • DocuSign 
  • Aha
  • DigiCert
  • LastPass
  • FreshService

Registration and Consent 

  • Before we begin, please submit this Registration Form if you haven't yet. 
  • As soon as we receive the entry, we will enable the connectors in your sandbox environment. and send you a confirmation email.
  • If someone in your organization that needs access to this space in compass, and has not yet registered to Compass, please follow the instructions on this page. 
  • If you're still having issues, please let your CSM know.


Deliverables and Downloadables

  • Once we have enabled the new connectors in your sandbox account, you will receive a confirmation email. The configuration documentation for available connectors can be found here:
    • SaaS connector guides - attached below
  • Developer tools will be announced in Q3.

Feedback and Communications

  • For feedback or questions on connectors listed above, feel free to start a new post in this forum.
  • If you are developing your own connectors, please engage with our developer advocates on our developer forum.

Subscribe to this group for updates as new connectors are released and developer tools are made available.

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