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[BETA] Take a tour of IdentityNow's user pages

[BETA] Take a tour of IdentityNow's user pages

You might be able to see a number of pages when you sign in to IdentityNow. The pages you see depend on the configuration of your site.


  • Register with IdentityNow
  • Sign in successfully at least once

IdentityNow's Main Menu

You might see a number of different options on the IdentityNow's main page.

nav bar.png


The Home page, or Dashboard​​, contains useful panels where you can track your work.

Some users might see the Launchpad when they first sign in. These users can access the Home page by clicking Dashboard in the drop-down menu under their names.

2.pngThe Passwords tab allows you to manage the passwords for your apps and sources. This page is the same as you would see in the Password Management link in the context menu under your name.
3.pngThe Request Center lets you add apps to your Launchpad.
4.pngThe Approvals tab is for access request reviewers to complete their reviews.
5.pngTask Manager lets you manage provisioning tasks that were assigned to you by an administrator. You can only see this page if your site has provisioning enabled.
6.pngCertifications is for reviewers at organizations that have Certifications enabled.

The context menu next to your name lets you access help, update your passwords, change your preferences, and sign out of the application.

If you need to access your apps for any reason, you can access them by clicking App Manager in this drop-down menu.

NOTE: If your site has a Passwords tab, you can edit your IdentityNow password from that page.

dashboard icon.pngIf your site has SSO, you'll see the Dashboard icon in the main menu.

[BETA] Home Page or Dashboard

The user dashboard is currently a beta feature. If you are not a beta customer and would like to use this feature, please contact your customer success manager.

When using beta features, please keep the following in mind:

  • The contents of this document are intended for beta customers only and are subject to change.
  • Data-correctness and system responsiveness might fluctuate as we continue to make improvements.
  • This document will eventually be merged with Take a tour of IdentityNow's user pages​. Your bookmarks to this document might be deleted at that time.
  • You can submit feedback and suggestions for improvement at IdentityNow Community
  • To request assistance or report a defect, you can log a support case. Support requests related to the dashboard beta will be categorized as Sev3 or below.

For users who don't have Single Sign-On, this is the main screen in IdentityNow. From here, you can see a variety of panels that can help you track your work and access.

If your site has SSO, you'll see the Launchpad instead of the Home page. If this is the case, you can access this page by clicking the Dashboard icon beside your name.

numbered dashboard.png


In the My Requests panel, you can see:

  • Pending requests - The number of requests you've made that haven't been approved or denied.
  • Last request - The icon of the app you requested last, along with the date of the request.

Clicking this panel will take you to the the Request Center.


In the My Passwords panel, you can see:

  • Managed passwords - The number of passwords for apps and other systems that IdentityNow manages.
  • The number of passwords that will be expiring soon.

Clicking this panel will take you to the Passwords tab.


In the My Certifications panel, you can see:

  • Pending decisions - The number of items that still need to be reviewed within all of your certifications.
  • The number of active certification campaigns you have.
  • The number of days until the soonest certification is due. If a certification is overdue, this number will say how many days the certification is overdue.

Clicking this panel will take you to the Certifications tab.


In the My Approvals panel, you can see:

  • Pending approvals - The number of requests you still need to review.
  • The total number of requests you've approved.
  • The total number of requests you've denied.

If you don't have any requests to review, this panel is not visible.

Clicking this panel will take you to the Approvals tab of the Request Center.


The widget selector menu allows you to choose which widgets you'd like to see on your dashboard.

In the My Tasks panel, you can see:

  • Pending tasks - The number of provisioning tasks you still need to complete.

Clicking this panel will take you to the Task Manager.


In the My Access panel, you can see:

  • Roles - Your administrator might have configured access for you based on your job description. These sets of access are called roles. If you have any, the number of roles you have will display here.
  • Employment status - Your administrator might have configured access for you based on your status within the company. If they've configured this, your status will display here.
  • The number of accounts on external systems you have.

This box is gray because there aren't any actions you can take from this widget.


In the My Team panel, you can see:

  • Direct reports - The number of people who report to you.
  • Manager - The name of your manager.

This box is gray because there aren't any actions you can take from this widget.

Launchpad or App Manager

If your site has Single Sign-On, you'll see this when you sign in to IdentityNow. Here, you can launch your apps or change your passwords. If your site doesn't have SSO, you can access this page to change your passwords by clicking App Manager in the drop-down menu under your name.

launchpad tour.png

1.pngThe Search field lets you search for apps. This is especially helpful if you have a large number of apps.
2.pngEach tile represents an app that you can work with in IdentityNow.
3.pngDrop-down menus on an app tile contain access to the Update Password and Remove App buttons. They also sometimes include quick links to specific pages within the app's website.
key.pngThe key icon indicates you need to provide account or authentication information before you can automatically sign in.
info.pngThe information icon indicates you need to accept a usage agreement before you can use the app.


If your site has Password Management, you'll be able to see a Passwords tab. You can use this tab to view your password groups. You can also change the password you use for IdentityNow using the Context Menu under your name.

tour of passwords tab.png

1.pngA Shared Password Group is a list of apps and sources that use the same password.
2.pngClick Update to update the password for all the apps and sources in this list.
3.pngUnshared Password Apps contains a list of all the apps and sources that don't share a password.
4.pngYou can change the passwords for Unshared Password Apps individually, without impacting other apps' passwords.

Request Center

You can add apps to your Launchpad from the Request Center. You can see the Request Center if you have Single Sign-On enabled for your site.

request center tour.png

1.pngEach app tile represents an app you can add to your Launchpad.
2.pngClick the Info icon to find out more information about an app.
3.pngThe Add button adds the app to your Launchpad.
4.pngWhen you've already added an app to your Launchpad, the Add button turns into an Added icon.


If your site has the Access Request service enabled, users who review access requests can see the Approvals tab. Here, they can review access requests and see the requests they've already completed.

approvals screen.png

1.pngThe Approval Items tab is where you can review the access requests assigned to you and see the number of requests you have to complete.
2.pngSee the requests you've approved or denied on the Completed tab.
3.pngSearch your pending approvals.
4.pngEach request tile displays the name of the person the access would be granted to, as well as the access being requested.
5.pngEach tile also contains a brief description of the access.
6.pngThe Requested line displays how long it has been since the item was requested.
7.pngThe Requested line also displays the person who requested the access.
8.pngYou can see who owns the access in case you need to contact that person for more information.
9.pngThe Approve and Deny buttons are where you make your decision as to whether the user should have the access or not.
10.pngIf you determine you are not the right person to review this request, you can forward it to another reviewer.

Task Manager

The Task Manager lists accounts that your admin needs you to create or modify on a source. You'll only see this tab if you have Provisioning enabled for your site.

task manager tour.png

1.pngThe To Do tab lists the tasks you still have to complete.
2.pngThe Completed tab lists tasks you've already completed.
3.pngItems in the Name column describe the task you have to complete.
4.pngThe User Name column contains the user name of the identity you're modifying the account for.
5.pngThe Created column contains the date the task was assigned to you.


From the Certifications screen, you can see certifications that are currently assigned to you and view your completed certifications.

certifications tour.png

1.pngThe Active tab displays your in-progress certifications.
2.pngThe Completed tab displays the certifications you've already completed.
3.pngThe Name column shows the certifications assigned to you. In some cases, you might see more than one certification in this list. This might be because certifications that are reassigned to you from another reviewer display in a separate row from your original certifications.
4.pngIf a certification was reassigned to you from another reviewer, this information appears after the name of the certification. You can see who the original reviewer was.
5.pngThe Due Date column contains the date the certifications need to be completed by.
6.pngDays Left contains the number of days remaining until the certification needs to be completed.
7.pngThe Users Left column displays the number of users that you still need to review.
8.pngAction contains a button allowing you to start or continue your certifications.

Context Menu

If you click the carat next to your name, you can see the following options:

drop down menu.png

1.pngUpdate your IdentityNow password. This might change your network password, or the password you use to sign in to your workstation. If you don't see this option, you can edit your IdentityNow password from the Passwords tab.

Password Manager lets you see each password group and manage your passwords for your apps. If you don't see this option, you can manage your passwords from the Passwords tab.


The App Manager, also known as the Launchpad, lets you manage your apps.

NOTE: If your site has SSO, you won't see App Manager in this list.

4.pngPreferences lets you change your phone number and specify your preferred strong authentication method.
5.pngHelp takes you to the main page of documentation for IdentityNow.
6.pngSign out of IdentityNow.

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