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Getting Access to the Things You Need

Getting Access to the Things You Need

With IdentityNow, you can easily request access to the systems and applications you need to do your job using access requests. Simply select from a list of available options and the approval process kicks off automatically.

To request access to an app, click Request on the app in the Request Center. You can track your request in the My Requests tab, or you can wait for an email to let you know when a decision's been made. You'll also get:

  • Any source access related to the app, including source accounts if you need them
  • Any other apps that use the same access you requested

Take a look at the following documentation for more information on how to request access and track your request once it's made.

How do I request access to an app?Request access to apps from the Request Center.
How can I see the app requests I've made?See the progress of requests you made.

For more information about reviewing access requests, see Helping People Get Access.

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