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How can I change the account I use on an app tile?

How can I change the account I use on an app tile?

If you have more than one account for an app on your Launchpad, you can switch or alternate the account credentials that the app replays.


  • The accounts must be managed by a source system. For example, you might have a service account and a user account on Active Directory.

Complete the following steps:

1. In the Launchpad, go to the app you have multiple accounts for.

2. Click the caret to view your options.

3. Select Alternate Accounts.alt accts 1.png

4. Choose the account you want to use.

5. Click OK.

alternate accounts.png

The account name you selected appears on the app tile.

6. Click the app tile.

The right credentials are replayed in the app's sign in page.

CAUTION: Editing a password here only updates​ the password for the currently selected account on that app. If it is your primary account, also known as your authentication account, it might also update your IdentityNow password and your network password. If it is a secondary account, it updates the password on the authentication source assigned to the app.

alt accts 2.png
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