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How do I accept a usage agreement?

How do I accept a usage agreement?

On your Launchpad, you might see an app with an information badge on it. This indicates you need to accept a usage agreement before you can use the app. Usage agreements are designed to inform you when company has specific policies related to that app.


  • Sign in successfully to SailPoint at least once
  • Launch an app from your Launchpad that has an Information badge on it

Complete the following steps:

1. Click the app tile that has the information badge. The usage agreement is displayed.

2. Read the agreement carefully.


3. Choose one of the following actions:

  • If you click No, I need to request an exception, you'll see a text box you can use to explain your request to an administrator. If you request an exception, you will not be able to launch the app until the request has been reviewed.

  • If you agree to the usage agreement, the app launches.

You will not be prompted again unless the text of the usage agreement changes.

usage agreement.png

For more information, see:

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