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How do I launch an app?

How do I launch an app?

Launching an app takes you to the main page of the app. Launching a quick link on an app provides a number of additional options.


  • Sign in successfully to SailPoint
  • Add one or more apps to your Launchpad from the Request Center
  • Provide user names and passwords for those apps
  • You may also need to complete strong authentication depending on the app you want to launch

To launch an app:

To launch an app, simply click the appropriate tile. The app launches and signs you in automatically.

To use a quick link:

1. Click the caret on the right side of the app tile.


2. Select one of the quick link options. The app launches, signs you in automatically, and opens the page specified by the quick link.

All apps contain quick links to update your password and remove the app.

QL open.png

Some apps also contain app-specific quick links that will take you to specific pages within the app's interface.

Some apps might include the Alternate Accounts menu. This appears if your IT department has given you more than one account on the app. For more information, see How can I change the account I use on an app launcher?​.


For more information, see:

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