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How do I manually update the browser software on Internet Explorer?

How do I manually update the browser software on Internet Explorer?

SailPoint uses browser software to help support certain aspects of single sign-on. The SailPoint browser software, also known as the browser extension, can be released as a major (1.60, 1.70) or a minor (1.61, 1.61.1) release. With major and some minor releases, you see a prompt to upgrade the software. With other minor releases, the upgrade can happen automatically for Chrome and Firefox, if you configure the browser to do so. To upgrade the browser software to a minor release on Internet Explorer, you must uninstall the current version. You will then be prompted to install the new version.


  • If your company does not allow employees to install software on their workstations, speak to your administrator for assistance with the browser extension.
  • In some cases, IdentityNow might prompt you to install a version of the browser extension that is lower than the version you are currently using. This might occur when SailPoint needs to roll back the browser extension due to functional or security reasons.

Complete the following steps:

1.    In the Start menu, select Control Panel.

2.    Click Programs and Features or, if using the Category view, click Uninstall a program.

3.    Scroll to the SailPoint program.

4.    Double-click to uninstall.

5.    Click OK.

6.    Open SailPoint and sign back in. You will be prompted to install the browser extension.

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