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How do I request access to a role?

How do I request access to a role?

You need to obtain many different kinds of access before you can get started doing your job. If you don't have the access you need immediately, you can often request a role, which is a bundle of access that you can grant to an employee or group of employees in your system if you have Provisioning turned on in IdentityNow. When you grant users a specific role within IdentityNow, you can give them specific access profiles relevant to their position within your company, so you know you're getting the exact access you need.


In some cases, when you are granted a role, multiple apps will be added to your Launchpad. This is a result of being granted the access associated with your job position.


Complete the following steps:


1. Sign in to IdentityNow and go to the Request Center.


2. Click the Roles tab.


3. In the Search bar, type in the role you're looking for.

To see details about a role, click its card.


4. Click Request in the card of the role you want, or in the Details view.


The Request window is displayed on the right.

5. Under Requesting For, select the radio button for Myself.


NOTE: If you need to request the role for someone else, see How do I request access on someone's behalf?


6. If needed, enter comments under Add Comments so that the reviewers know why you need access to the role. You can enter up to 500 characters.


7. Click Submit.


Your request for the role is submitted and a success message is displayed.

All reviewers for that role must approve this access before it's granted to you or others. This might take several days.


If your request is denied, you might see comments explaining why the reviewer denied your request.


If you can no longer perform the functions of role you requested, an administrator may have revoked your access. You can request the role again, or you might want to contact your administrator for more details on why the role was revoked.

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