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How do I request access to an app?

How do I request access to an app?

You can add apps to your IdentityNow Launchpad to use them as bookmarks, or to allow IdentityNow to sign you in automatically to those sites. Your Launchpad or App Manager might be populated with a number of apps by default, which are usually provisioned by IT. You can add apps to your Launchpad from any desktop or mobile device by requesting them. This request must be approved before the app appears on your Launchpad and you can use it.

When you request an app, your request is reviewed by all reviewers assigned to this app by your administrator. All reviewers must approve the access before it's granted to you. You will receive an email when your request is approved or denied.


  • Register with IdentityNow and sign in successfully at least once.

Complete the following steps

1. Sign in to IdentityNow and go to the Request Center.

2. In the Applications tab, find an app you want to request. Click the app card to view more details about the app in the sidebar.

3. Click Request, either in the corner of the app card or in the details sidebar.

4. In the menu on the left, under Access Profiles, select the radio button for the access profile in the app you want access to.

NOTE: You can only request one access profile at a time.

5. In the menu on the right, under Requesting For, select Myself or Others depending on who the access is for.

NOTE: Apps cannot be requested on behalf of others, but the access profiles within them can.

6. If you are requesting for others, enter their name(s) using the drop-down.

7. If required, enter any comments about the request.

8. Click Submit.

Your request for the highlighted access profiles is submitted and a confirmation message is displayed. All reviewers for these access profiles must approve this access before it's added to your Launchpad.

If you're listed as a reviewer for this request, your manager or an admin will be sent the review request instead of you.

You can see the requests you've made, as well as the comments on those requests, by clicking the My Requests tab at the top of the Request Center. You will receive an email when your access request is approved or denied. This might take several days.

If your request was denied, you might see comments explaining why the reviewer denied your request. You can contact the person who denied the request for more information.

Older requests may have not accurately captured the date on reviewer comments. The date a comment was created or modified on may be used in its place.


  • In some cases, when your access request is approved, you might receive more than one app.
  • If you accidentally remove an app from your Launchpad and need to get it back, your manager can no longer request this app for you. However, you can request access yourself in the Request Center and it will reappear on your Launchpad.

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