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How do I set another email address in IdentityNow?

How do I set another email address in IdentityNow?

In IdentityNow, you might need an email other than a work address for specific types of notifications such as strong authentication emails. You can choose the email address IdentityNow uses to send these notifications.

If your administrator has configured your system to allow you to use these options for password resets or strong authentication, these values are required.


  • Register with IdentityNow and sign in successfully at least once.

Complete the following steps:

1. From your Launchpad, click Preferences.

Before you can edit your preferences, you have to verify your identity using strong authentication.

2. Click Edit. The strong authentication prompt is displayed.

After you successfully verify your identity, the editable Preferences window is displayed.

3. In the Alternate Email field, type an email address.

NOTE: You also have the ability to add or edit the value in the Alternate Phone field. However, your work contact details are controlled by your system administrator.

4. Click Save.

alternate email.png

For more information, see:

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