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How do I set my preferences in IdentityNow?

How do I set my preferences in IdentityNow?

The Preferences window in IdentityNow allows you to edit a phone number and email address, that are alternatives to your work contact information. This allows you to  control how you work with strong authentication in your Launchpad.

Complete the following steps:

1. To set your preferences, click Preferences in the drop-down menu under your user name.

2. Click Edit.

You'll see the prompt for strong authentication.

3. After you successfully verify your identity, you'll see the editable Preferences window.


The Preferences window might include the following options:

  • Alternate Phone - Sets the phone number IdentityNow sends a verification code to if you choose to use that method for strong authentication.

  • Alternate Email - Sets the personal email IdentityNow uses for strong authentication.


    • The Work Phone and Work Email cannot be edited in this panel.
    • If your administrator has configured your alternate phone or email as options for strong authentication or password resets, those values are required.

  • Security Questions - Sets the answers to the security questions you can answer to use strong authentication.

  • Strong Authentication Method - This allows you to select how you want to verify your identity in situations that require strong authentication. Depending on your administrator's configurations, options might include any or all of the methods described in Strong Authentication Methods.

4. Make changes to your preferences as necessary.

5. Click Save.

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