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How do I set up RSA SecurID?

How do I set up RSA SecurID?

If your company has provided you with an RSA account, you can use it in IdentityNow when you need to confirm your identity. To use RSA SecurID, you must complete several steps outside of the IdentityNow interface.


  • Enroll in RSA using an account that was provided by your company.
  • Set up your RSA PIN and password.
  • Set up the RSA hardware or software provided by your administrator so that you can get tokens when you need them.
  • Find out the required format for your RSA SecurID from your administrator.

To use RSA SecurID in IdentityNow:

  • Optional: Set your preferences​ to use RSA for strong authentication.
  • When prompted, enter your RSA SecurID in the required format.

For more information, see:

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