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How do I set up and use Duo?

How do I set up and use Duo?

Duo is a third-party, web-based software company that provides strong authentication options for companies that need it. Your company will typically distribute Duo accounts to employees separately from IdentityNow. Employees can then enroll and install the app on their devices.

If your company has provided you with a Duo account, you can use it in IdentityNow when you need to confirm your identity for strong authentication or password resets. For more information, see Using the Duo Prompt.


  • Enroll in Duo using an account that was provided by your company. If you are not yet enrolled in Duo, you will be prompted to enroll when logging in to IdentityNow.
  • Install Duo Mobile on a mobile device. Duo Mobile is required for Duo Push, but not for Call Me or Passcode.
  • Optional: Set your preferences to one of the Duo strong authentication methods

Duo Security Options

IdentityNow supports the following authentication methods in Duo:

  • Duo Push - Pushes a login request to the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device. Tap Approve to verify your identity.
  • Passcode - Login using a passcode from a text message, Duo Mobile, or an administrator depending on the option you choose.
  • Call Me - Authenticate via an automated phone call from Duo.
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