How do I sign in to IdentityNow for the first time?

How do I sign in to IdentityNow for the first time?

In some cases, you might not receive an email inviting you to join IdentityNow, or you might want to bypass the email and sign in directly. If your administrator has configured your system to use your network, or Active Directory, credentials, you can skip the process of registration and sign in directly.

Alternatively, if you're not using your network password, you can register for IdentityNow by navigating to your site and clicking Forgot Password or Reset Password.

NOTE: The fields that display on this page are specific to your company and might be different from what you see below.

For example:

    • The usage agreement only appears if your administrator has created a site-wide usage agreement
    • Security questions only appear if your site requires them


  • Install one of the supported browsers
  • Get your organization's URL from your administrator
  • Know your network credentials

Complete the following steps:

1. Go to your organization's URL.

2. Enter your network user name and password into the sign in fields.

3. Click Sign In.

4. When you have successfully signed in, complete each of the prompts that appears.

This is a dynamic form. The fields that display depend on how your company's site is configured.

NOTE: Your administrator has already loaded your work email and work phone number into IdentityNow. If you are prompted to enter an Alternate Phone or Alternate Email, please use different values so that IdentityNow can use this data for strong authentication or password resets. For example, you could provide a cell phone number or a personal email address you have access to.

5. Click Save.

You might be prompted to install IdentityNow's browser software, also known as the browser extension. This is a secure, important tool for using IdentityNow.

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