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How do I use Duo for strong authentication?

How do I use Duo for strong authentication?

When you are accessing a high-risk application or a particularly secure page in the IdentityNow interface, you might be asked to use strong authentication. If your company has provided you with a Duo account, you can use it in IdentityNow when you need to confirm your identity.


  • Set up Duo as described here.

Complete the following steps:

1. Click on an app or page that requires strong authentication.

2. When prompted, select an available Duo authentication method to verify your identity, such as Duo Push, Passcode, or Call Me. See Using the Duo Prompt for more information about Duo authentication options.

3. Click Continue.

NOTE: If you haven't registered for Duo yet, you'll be prompted to register before you can strongly authenticate.

4. Complete Duo authentication.

You are logged in with strong authentication.

For more information, see:

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