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How to Cancel a Pending Request

How to Cancel a Pending Request

When making and approving access requests, there may be times when you need to cancel a request quickly after you've made it. IdentityNow provides an easy way to cancel pending requests directly from the request center, provided they are not too far along in the approval process.


  • A request that has been made on behalf of someone else can not be cancelled by the access recipient. Only the requester can cancel pending access in this case. The recipient will still be notified that the request for their access was cancelled.


  • An existing access request that has not yet been approved.

Complete the following steps:

1. Go to the Request Center.

In the My Requests tab, you can see your current and pending requests.


2. Find the request you want to cancel.

NOTE: You may cancel any request with the status of Pending Approval. If a request has already been approved, it is no longer able to be cancelled.


3. Click Cancel Request.



4. In the Cancel Request menu, enter any comments, such as the reason for the cancellation.


5. Click Submit.


The request now has a status of Cancelled.

Notifications of the cancellation are automatically sent to the requester, the recipient of the access, and anyone who has made a decision on the access request already at that point.


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