IdentityNow's Browser Extension

For many IdentityNow customers, the browser tool, also known as the browser extension, is a supplement or add-on to your browser that automates the process of signing into apps.


The process used by the browser extension is known as password replay. That is, when a user clicks the app in the Launchpad, the browser extension runs a short set of software code called a script that automatically enters the correct account information into the appropriate fields and signs the user into the app.


Password replay is a form of single sign-on (SSO), meaning you only have to sign in to IdentityNow once using our unique security infrastructure and then you can launch your apps without having to sign in again.


NOTE: Administrators can see more detailed information in Browser Extension Administrator's Guide


See the following for more information:


How Does the Browser Extension Work?

When you open an app that the browser extension recognizes, it asks IdentityNow for your account information. It then applies our decryption algorithm to get your account information. After that it uses a script to replay your user name and password in the fields on the app's sign in page.


If you're not signed in to IdentityNow, the browser extension prompts you to sign in to IdentityNow first. It actually uses your unique IdentityNow password to decrypt your app account information before it can be replayed. This means no one but you - not even SailPoint's support staff - can access or replay your app credentials.


Do I Need to Install the Browser Extension?

If your company uses password replay SSO, then a couple of things might be true:


  • Your administrator might have already installed the browser extension on your computer. In most cases, you can tell if you have it installed by looking for the SailPoint icon your browser toolbar.

You might be prompted to install the browser extension the first time you signed in to IdentityNow.


NOTE: You can also check to see if SailPoint is in your browser's list of add-ons or extensions. For instructions, click on your browser:


Updating the Browser Extension

After the browser extension is installed on your computer, updates depend on a number of factors:


  • If your administrator installed the browser extension initially, they will upgrade it as needed. If you experience any problems with the browser extension or password replay apps, contact them for assistance.
  • If you installed the browser extension yourself, you'll see a prompt in the IdentityNow Launchpad as soon as a new version is available. You will not be able to use password replay apps until you update.
  • You have the ability to turn on automatic updates for Firefox and Chrome browsers. If you do, then the browser extension gets upgraded without any action required from you. For instructions, see How do I configure my browser to automatically update the browser software?
  • If you use Internet Explorer, you might have to manually uninstall the browser extension and then reinstall it. For details, see How do I manually update the browser software on Internet Explorer?


Supported Browsers

The supported browsers for the browser extension are identical to those for IdentityNow. See Which browsers and mobile operating systems does IdentityNow support? for details.


Installation Process

Depending on your site's configuration, the first time you sign in to IdentityNow, you will be prompted to install the SailPoint browser extension. In addition, you see a similar prompt to this whenever an update is released.


NOTE: Please disable your virus scanner before installing or upgrading the browser extension.


Complete the following steps:


1. Sign in to or register with IdentityNow. You will be prompted to install the browser software.


2. Click Install Now.


3. Follow the instructions for your browser.


4. Restart the browser.


5. Click an app to sign in. Depending on the type of app, you might be prompted to supply account information the first time you launch it.


After the first time, the browser software will sign you in automatically.


Browser Shortcuts and Email Links

The browser extension is designed to automatically send you to the IdentityNow Sign In page the first time you go to a web app that is on the Launchpad, no matter how you got there. If you're already signed in, the browser extension will immediately replay your credentials.


That means you can continue to use your browser shortcuts with the browser extension and email links.


"No Password" Sign In

Sometimes your administrator might have configured IdentityNow to "skip" the Sign In page. This is sometimes called "no password" sign in because you might not ever see the Sign In page.


In reality, you're still being signed in to IdentityNow; it's just happening at the same time you sign in to your corporate network or domain. With this configuration, when you sign in to your workstation, you can:


  • Go directly to the Launchpad without seeing the Sign In page
  • Go to apps directly - using bookmarks or links - and still use SSO to access those apps
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