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Managing My Certification Assignments

Managing My Certification Assignments

If your company has purchased the Access Certification module in IdentityNow, you will be able to review and certify people's access to applications and data from within the Certifications menu of IdentityNow. This functionality, known as a certification, allows you to see the data, accounts, and applications people are entitled to use so that you can either approve or reject those items.


Your administrator will typically create a certification campaign for all reviewers in your organization. You'll then receive a notification that the certifications are ready for your review.


You might also have multiple certifications assigned to you. For example, an admin might have reassigned a different person's certification to you because they are on leave.



You can see all your certifications by clicking Certifications in IdentityNow's main menu.


This view includes the Actions column which:

  • Indicates the current state of the certification.
  • Allows you to continue working on it by clicking the related button.



The following action buttons might appear in this column:

  • Start - Indicates a new certification that you can begin reviewing.
  • Continue - Indicates an existing certification that you have partially completed. Alternatively, this could indicate a completed certification that you still need to sign off on.
  • Review - Indicates a certification that you have signed off on. You can click Review to look at the contents of the certification.


You can also track general information about your certifications in the My Certifications panel on the Home page.


Here, you can see how many decisions you have left to make on your certifications, how many certifications you have to complete, and how soon they're due. If you need to sign off on a certification, you'll see that information here.


For more information, see:


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