Requesting and Updating Non-Employee Accounts

Contractors, interns, consultants, and other non-employees in your organization might require special governance treatment. Using IdentityNow's non-employee lifecycle management system, you can take extra precautions when dealing with non-employees.

Your administrator might have configured you as a non-employee account manager. If this is the case, you can access these non-employee accounts by clicking Manage Non-Employees on your dashboard.

Using the non-employee lifecycle manager, you can:

  • Request accounts for new non-employees
  • Receive reminders when their end date is approaching
  • Modify their end date to extend their time at your organization


About Non-Employee Lifecycle Management

SailPoint's Non-Employee Lifecycle Manager is designed to make managing interns, contractors, and other non-employees easier. Each group of non-employees, called a source, is a group of users at your organization that aren't part of your primary Human Resources system or another authoritative system. This type of account might be subject to a stricter set of controls than standard accounts, allowing for greater security surrounding your riskiest employees.

Identities from a non-employee source are treated the same as other identities, and can be included in most certification campaigns or have accounts provisioned to other sources.

This feature is not intended to be a replacement for an official system of record.


Requesting a New Non-Employee Account

When a new intern, contractor, or other non-employee joins your team, you can request an account for them so you can govern their access and activity.


  • A non-employee source has been created in your cloud environment
  • You have been configured as one of the account managers for that source

Complete the following steps:

1. Sign in to IdentityNow and go to the Dashboard or Home page.

2. Click the Manage Non-Employees widget.

3. If you see more than one non-employee group, choose the group the new account belongs in.

4. On the right side of the table, click the Add icon and click Create Account.

add account icon.png

5. Fill in the following information for the new non-employee account:

  • First Name - Enter the first name of the new identity.
  • Last Name - Enter the last name of the new identity.
  • User Name - Configure a unique user name for this account to use.
  • Phone Number - Enter a phone number for the identity. They might use this for strong authentication.
  • Manager - Choose any existing identity as this user's manager.
  • Email - Enter a valid email address for the identity.
  • Start Date - The date the non-employee is expected to start at your organization.
  • End Date - The date the non-employee's time at your organization is expected to end.

Some of these attributes might be optional, depending on how your administrator has configured this source. You can't edit most of these fields once you've submitted this request.

If you want to create another new account, check the Add Another box.

Click Add.

new non employee.png


Depending on the configurations your administrator made, this account might need to complete an approval process before it can be added to this source. You will receive an email when a decision is made about this account request.

Modify a Non-Employee's End Date

When a non-employee's end date approaches, you'll receive a reminder email.

Your administrator might have configured their accounts to be disabled when their end date passes, so if the non-employees are going to continue at your organization, it's important that their end dates are modified to reflect this.


  • One or more non-employee accounts has been created and configured in your cloud environment

Complete the following steps:

1. Sign in to IdentityNow and go to the Dashboard or Home page.

2. Click the Manage Non-Employees widget.

3. If you see more than one non-employee group, choose the group the user belongs in.

4. Click the name of the user you need to edit.

5. At the top of the menu that opens, select a new end date for this user.

Click Save.

new end date.png


If you need to edit other fields on this identity, contact your organization's administrator.

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