Reviewing Non-Employee Account Requests

Reviewing Non-Employee Account Requests

Your organization might have a specific way that it governs non-employees such as interns, contractors, and consultants. Our cloud features include a non-employee lifecycle manager to make governance for these special cases easier.

This non-employee lifecycle manager can require that new non-employee accounts go through a review process.

If you're configured to review any of the new accounts added to your company's cloud instance, you'll receive an email notification, and the request will appear on your user dashboard.


  • One or more non-employee groups has been created in your organization

Complete the following steps:

1. Sign in to IdentityNow and go to Approvals.

2. Under Requested Items, locate a request for a Non-Employee Account.

You can filter the requests here to only display non-employee account requests by clicking the filter icon on the right side of the page.

3. Click the request card to view details about the request, including:

  • The source, or group, the account will be on
  • The user name and other basic information for the account
  • The date the account was requested
  • The proposed start and end date for the new non-employee

4. To approve this request, click Approve.

To deny it, click the Comments tab and include a comment about why you're denying this account request. Then click Deny.

non employee request.png

If you approve this request, one of two things happens:

  • If you are the final reviewer in the queue of users who need to review this request, the user will be granted an account in this group, and it will be created shortly.
  • If more reviewers need to review this request, the account request is sent to the next reviewer in the queue automatically.

If you deny the request, the review process ends. Even if there are multiple reviewers in the queue, only one reviewer needs to deny the request.

To see account requests you've already completed, click the Reviewed Items tab. You can click on the original request card to see details or comments about the request. This information is preserved for 30 days.

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