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Take a tour of Certifications

Take a tour of Certifications

When you're completing a certification, you can review a variety of information from the Certification Screen so that you can approve or revoke the access of the identities you're reviewing.


[Beta - New Experience] Certifications


The new Certifications experience is currently in Open Beta. Please keep the Beta Terms and Conditions in mind while using this feature.


From the Certifications screen, you can see certifications that are currently assigned to you and view your completed certifications.



1.png The Toggle allows you to switch between the New and Classic experience during Open Beta.
2.png This tab allows you to view either your Active or Completed certifications.
3.png The cards represent each certification campaign you're reviewing and display the Name, Progress, Due By date, and Owner of the campaign. You can click the card for additional details about the campaign, or click Continue to get right to work on it.
4.png This menu displays additional details about a certification campaign. In addition to what's displayed on the card, you can see a brief Description of the campaign, the date it was Created, and the Email of the campaign owner.  You may also Continue from this menu to work on your certification campaign.


tour of certifications.png

1.png You can view the name and description of your campaign here, and click More Details to open the details menu if needed.
2.png Remaining contains the identities you still need to certify. Review them by selecting a name.
3.png Click an identity to review their access.
4.png Completed contains the identities you've already certified. Their names automatically move to this menu when completed.
Click Options here to view a menu of details about the selected identity. If you need to reassign this certification, you can do it from this menu.
This column allows you to select and review items in bulk.
This column shows you the Name of the entitlement being reviewed. You can click on any access item to view more details about it.
This column provides a Description of the access item being reviewed.
This column shows the Source of the access item being reviewed.
This column shows any Flags associated with the access item being reviewed, such as New Access or Privileged.
The Decision column is where you make your decision by clicking the Approve or Revoke icon.
Click Columns to customize the columns in your display.
This is where you can view the status of your campaign, including the percentage complete and days overdue.


Classic Experience

certs tour.png


Number Description
1.png Click All Users to go back to the User Certification list.
2.png Use < and > to page through the people you need to certify.
3.png The IdentityNow display name of the person you're certifying.
4.png Cancel reverts any changes you have made and Save Decisions saves your changes.
5.png In the Roles section, you'll see any roles associated with your user. Roles are bundles of access that you can grant to an employee or group of employees. Roles cannot be revoked, but can be used to review and acknowledge the access profiles, entitlements, and apps that are contained within them.
6.png In the Access Profiles column of the Roles section, you'll see any access profiles assigned to your user through a role. Click the number to see a list of access profiles granted through the role. Access profiles that were granted to users by a role are included in certification campaigns for review only. (For the Access Profiles section, see number 9.)
7.png In the Applications column, you can see any apps that the user can access as a result of the access profile you're certifying. Click the number to see a list of the apps tied to any access profile.


The Entitlements column displays the number of entitlements in the access profile. Click the number to see a list of the entitlements.
9.png In the Decisions column for Roles, click Acknowledge to confirm that you have reviewed the contents of the role. All roles must be acknowledged in order to sign off on a campaign.
10.png When you click a number in a column, a popup will appear to show the contents of the Role or Access Profile.
11.png In the Access Profiles section, you'll see any access profiles that your user has that need to be certified. Access profiles are bundles of entitlements that sometimes grant access to apps.
12.png Decisions Left indicates the number of items remaining in that section that still need to be approved or revoked.
13.png Click the Actions icon and select an action to perform on selected access items.
14.png In the Decision column for Access Profiles and Entitlements, click Approve or Revoke for each item the user can access. Be sure to make a decision for each item in both the Access Profiles and Entitlements sections.

Any exceptions for an access item appear below the Description and Account. Exceptions might include:

  • If the user was granted this access item since the last certification campaign, it is marked as New Access.
  • If an access item is sensitive, it is marked as Privileged.



  • The first time you run a certification campaign for your users, all access items are marked as New Access.
  • The New Access badge will only be displayed once one campaign has been completed in the org.
16.png In the Entitlements section, you can see any entitlements the user has that are not part of access profiles.
17.png The Show Details button allows you to view additional details about an access profile or entitlement.
18.png Technical entitlement displays details about the technical entitlement from the source. Account id displays the unique ID for the account or accounts associated with the identity.  Account status displays if the account is enabled, disabled, or locked. Last modified displays the date the account was most recently updated. Description displays the description your administrator has added to an access item. Account displays the unique account identifier for the user's account on the sources associated with the access profile.


For more information, see:

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