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Tracking Access Requests

Tracking Access Requests

If your site has Access Requests enabled, you can view the status of your requests in a few places with different levels of detail:



  •  Request access to at least one app or role.


General Information on the Dashboard


1. Sign in to IdentityNow, and click Dashboard.

2. Find the My Requests panel on the Dashboard.

Your total number of pending access requests and date of last request are displayed here.



My Requests in the Request Center


1. Sign in to IdentityNow and click Request Center.

2. Click My Requests.

Your requests and their status are displayed on this page.

You can click the following items if available on a request card:

  • Cancel Request  - Cancels a pending request.

  • Comment Bubble Icon - View comments on a request.

You can also click a request card to see more details in the Request Status Tracker.



Details in the Request Status Tracker


1. Sign in to IdentityNow and click Request Center > My Requests.

2. Click on the request card for one of your access requests. The Request Status Tracker appears to the right with status and workflow details about each step in the access review process.

The details displayed for each step in the workflow include:

  • Completion dates for completed steps and reassignments
  • The current status 
  • Reviewer type such as manager, owner, or governance group
  • Reviewer name or governance group name

There is also visibility into any errors encountered during the request workflow.

To cancel a request, click Cancel Request. The status is updated to reflect this change.




  • In the case of a reassignment or escalation, the original reviewer type shown for a step will not be updated.

  • If an outstanding approval is reassigned using the API, the name of the user that invoked the API is not displayed. The status will appear as if the previous owner reassigned it.

  • If a reviewer type does not exist, the step is automatically escalated and reassigned to the next best reviewer.

  • If 'user not found' appears for a reviewer name, the user has been removed from IdentityNow.


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