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What is password synchronization?

What is password synchronization?

Sometimes your apps share a password because they are all linked to a single account on an app source such as Active Directory. Setting up apps this way not only makes it easy for you to remember that password, but also makes it easier for your IT department to manage your access to various internal resources. These types of passwords are often referred to as directory passwords.

Password synchronization is similar to directory password in that multiple apps can share the same passwords. However, password synchronization includes the ability for multiple app sources to share the same password. For example, Salesforce, Workday, and Active Directory might have synchronized passwords. This is also referred to as a password sync group. When app sources belong to the same password sync group, this means that all apps connected to those app sources have the same password.

If you change the password on one app, the password is synchronized across all app sources in the group and as a result the password is changed on all apps connected to those app sources.

If you are an IdentityNow user, you can see the relationships between your apps' passwords from the Password Manager page.

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