Why is my IdentityNow account locked out?

Why is my IdentityNow account locked out?

If you provided the wrong password several times consecutively in a short period, your account is locked out for a certain amount of time. This is because the system is designed to prevent unauthorized users from hacking in to your account by constantly trying new passwords.

NOTE: Locking your IdentityNow password might also cause your network account, that is the account you use to sign in to your workstation, to be locked. If you need more information, speak with your administrator.

You can try later, unlock your account, or reset your password.

You should also receive a email notification that indicates when and where the failed password attempts occurred and when your account will be unlocked.

This occurs after a number of attempts in a row within a five minute period and your account is locked for an interval defined by your administrator; contact your help desk for more information and assistance.

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