How To: User Groups

How To: User Groups


User Groups

There are two types of user groups in the community which are open and closed. Open user groups are the most accessible and membership is available to all community members. Closed user groups are more private and can either be invite-only or require a registration such as the Admirals Club. In order to post in any user group, whether it may be open or closed, you must first become a member.


Accessing the User Group Directory

There are two different ways to access the user group directory.

The first way is by selecting the Resources tab and then click on the User Groups link under the Network section.

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The second way is by scrolling down the Compass homepage until you see the Join a User Group header located at the middle of the screen.

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Joining an Open User Group

To join an open user group, select the group that you want to participate in and then click on the Join Group Hub button located above the Group Hub Information header.

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Joining a Closed User Group

Closed user groups are divided into two different categories which are invitation-only and self-service registration groups. Invite-only user groups consist of members who personally received an invite from the group's creators. Self-service registration user groups, such as the Admirals club, require users to complete an online registration form before being added to the group by an administrator.

To join an invite-only user group, start by clicking on the group that you want to participate in and then select the Send Request To Join button. After doing so, a group administrator will review your request and will contact you for any further information.

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The Admirals Club is currently the only self-service registration user group in the community. To join the Admirals Club, start by selecting the Become an Admiral link under the Community tab, scroll to the middle of the screen, and then fill out the online registration form.

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Once you have submitted your online registration form, a group administrator will review your application and will contact you to discuss further details.

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Accessing Content from User Groups

Posts from user groups can only be viewed and accessed by members of those particular groups. For example, if you share a post from the Admirals Club to non-members, they will encounter an error message and will not be able to access that content. In order to avoid any confusion, please make sure to check if the recipient is a member of the group that you are sharing content from.

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Setting up Notifications for User Groups

To enable this specific setting, start by clicking My settings in the drop-down menu of your user icon, select Notification Settings in the Subscriptions & Notifications tab, and then check mark the box below.

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Read How To: Bookmarking and Subscribing to learn more about optimizing your community notification settings.


Viewing Your User Group Subscriptions

To see all your user group subscriptions, select My profile in the drop-down menu of your user icon and then scroll down your user profile until you see the My Groups Hubs header.

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Viewing Another User's Group Subscriptions

To view another community member's group subscriptions, select View Profile by clicking on their username and then scroll down their user profile until you see the My Groups Hubs header.

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User groups provide community members an opportunity to connect and engage with one another based on common interest, industry, and region.


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