How to: Create a signature

How to: Create a signature


Accessing the signature page

1. Start by clicking on your avatar located at the top right-hand corner and then click My settings

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2. Select Personal Information located below the Preferences tab

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Editing your signature

Forum signatures are an efficient way to automatically create a personalized message at the end of each post. As a reminder, you cannot update your first name and last name and if you would like to do so, please contact

1. Start by clicking on your avatar located at the upper right-hand corner, select My settings, and then click Personal Information

2. Scroll down to the Signature section and then type in the text box

Note: You can use HTML to customize the text's format.

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3. Once you have completed your signature, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and then click Save. Your customized message will now automatically appear at the bottom of all your posts

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Share a favorite quote, your job title and company, or include helpful information. If you answer questions regularly, consider setting a signature that reminds other community members to give kudos and accept solutions.


Example of a forum signature

As a community moderator, I find it useful to remind other users to accept solutions, give kudos to content, and view the Compass tutorials. An example of my signature is listed below which includes the HTML code.

Tutorial Screenshot #5.png

The image below shows how my signature appears at the bottom of all my posts.

Tutorial Screenshot #6.png


When creating your signature, please be courteous of other community members, otherwise you may be reported to the moderator for inappropriate use of this feature.


Interested in learning more about managing your preferences? Check out the How to: Manage preferences article.

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