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How to: SailPoint certified professional directory

How to: SailPoint certified professional directory

If you encounter any issues or have questions about using the SailPoint certified professional directory, please send a message to




This is an in-depth guide on how to navigate through the SailPoint certified professional directory. Browse the comprehensive user directory and search for other SailPoint certified professionals based on their name, certifications, location, and organization. Acquire SailPoint professional certifications, display your achievements, and connect with SailPoint certified professionals in the SailPoint certified professional directory.


Accessing the SailPoint certified professional directory

Start by selecting the Community tab in top of your screen and then click the SailPoint certified professional directory link under the Network section.

Tutorial Screenshot #1.png


Navigating through the certified professional directory

Using search filters

There are various ways to filter results into areas that are relevant to you. Use the text and check mark boxes under the Filters section to refine your search.

Note: The search results page will automatically update depending on what you type in and check mark.

Tutorial Screenshot #2.png

Filter by Name to narrow your results to either a person's first, last, or their full name.

Tutorial Screenshot #3.png

Filter by SailPoint Certified Certifications by check marking the boxes that you are looking for.

Tutorial Screenshot #4.png

Search by Location if want to keep results constrained to a specific city, state, or country.

Tutorial Screenshot #5.png

You can also type in the name of the organization you are looking for in the Organization text box.

Tutorial Screenshot #6.png


Opting in to the directory

In order to be featured in the directory, you need to be a SailPoint customer or partner and have an active SailPoint professional certification. Once you meet these qualifications, start by scrolling down the personal information settings for your Compass profile, checkmark the Add me to the Certification Directory box, and then save those settings.

Note: The Add me to the Certification Directory checkbox will only be available to SailPoint customers and partners.

Tutorial Screenshot #7.png


Submitting feedback for the directory

Interested in improving Compass's Certified Professional Directory feature? Begin by heading to the SailPoint certified professional directory and then scroll down the page until you see the Feedback section located on the right-hand side.

Tutorial Screenshot #8.png

Fill out the form and once you are finished, click Submit.

Tutorial Screenshot #9.png


Frequently asked questions

How do I acquire a SailPoint professional certification?

To find out more information about SailPoint professional certifications, please check out the SailPoint certified identity professional program.


Can I keep the SailPoint professional certification if I leave my company?

Yes, the SailPoint professional certification is awarded to you as the individual (not to your employer), regardless of who pays for the exam. Even if your employer pays for it and you leave later, it is still yours and you are able to add your personal email to your certification profile, so it is attached to you. 


How do I add my name to the SailPoint certified professional directory?

To be included in the directory, you need to be a SailPoint customer or partner and have an active Sailpoint professional certification. For more information, check out the Opting in to the directory section.

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