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Installation Guidelines for Accumulative File for all Fixes Until and Including FSD0134

Installation Guidelines for Accumulative File for all Fixes Until and Including FSD0134

This document provides the steps for applying all PTFs from FSD0035 until and including FSD0134 for any of the following Mainframe Connectors:

  • RACF
  • CA ACF2
  • CA TopSecret

The SP.ALLUNTIL.FSD0134.TRS file includes all available PTFs (until February 2020) and can be used when multiple PTFs must be applied to any of the above Mainframe Connectors. The SP.ALLUNTIL.FSD0134.TRS file may be used by customers who have already part of the fixes which this TRS file includes.

NOTE: The PTFs FSD0092 through FSD0095 are related to providing temporary data set protection for the EXECOUT DD. These PTFs require special handling as mentioned in this document below.  Customers installing Mainframe Connectors version 4.0.xx for the first time, must follow the instructions mentioned in the relevant Mainframe Connector version 4.0.xx Administration Guide. However some of the guidelines mentioned in this document override the instructions in the respective Administration Guides. 



  1. (For customers installing the Mainframe Connector for the first time) Perform this step for PTFs FSD0092 through FSD0095 (Data Set Protection for EXECOUT DD).
    • Install the Mainframe Connector as directed by the relevant Administration Guide but ignore any reference to Temporary Data Sets Protection and STCJOBS:
      • In the Administration Guide’s New Installation chapter, step 1, 'Table 7 – DEFPARMS parameters', specify:
        • %STCJOBS%=DONTCOPY (default)
        • %PROCLIB%=<proclib-name> / DONTCOPY
        • The value LOCALCOPY must not be used for %PROCLIB%
      • In the Administration Guide’s Installation section, ignore the sections explaining how to install when %STCJOBS% is a library name (when %STCJOBS% is not DONTCOPY).
    • Perform the installation procedure up to and including Step 13 in the Administration Guide.  

      NOTEThe following steps are relevant for all customers, whether first-time customers or existing customers.

  2. Download the file to your Windows computer (located in Mainframe E-Fixes) and unzip it to SP.ALLUNTIL.FSD0134.TRS file. 

  3. Transfer the unzipped file SP.ALLUNTIL.FSD0134.TRS to the Mainframe Connector using binary mode for the transfer (using either FTP or a transfer utility). You may pre-allocate the target dataset on the Mainframe Connector using the attached sample EXEC1 JCL or using the following allocation to ensure that the correct size and allocation of the tersed dataset:

    Organization . . . : PS
    Record format . . . : FB
    Record length . . . : 1024
    Block size . . . : 6144
    1st extent tracks . . : 200
    Secondary tracks . . : 0

  4. Unterse the uploaded unzipped file on the Mainframe using the attached sample EXEC2 JCL or using your own unterse JCL.

    The untersed file has the following attributes:

    Organization . . . : PS
    Record format . . . : FB
    Record length . . . : 80
    Block size . . . : 3120
    1st extent cylinders: 40
    Secondary cylinders . . : 0

  5. Backup all product libraries.
  6. RECEIVE - Perform SMP/E RECEIVE using the **.UPGRADE library from the Mainframe Connector installation:
    • Update S6RCV member in UPGRADE library and replace the file set in SMPPTFIN DD card with the file created by the UNTRS job used in step 4 above. 

    • Delete the Step 2 (PURGE) from the JCL.

    • Submit the job which must end with a condition code of 0 (COND CODE 0000).

  7. Check the HOLDDATA of all PTFs which are relevant to your site and perform the actions required BEFORE applying the PTFs.
  8. APPLY /APPLY CHECK - Perform an APPLY to install the fixes in the flat-file:
    • Edit S7APPLY job from the UPGRADE library and update the JOBCARD and add at the end REGION=256M:
    • Submit S7APPLY job and verify successful completion.
  9. Submit S8TAILOR job from the UPGRADE library to tailor all updated elements according to the values specified during Mainframe Connector installation.
  10. Check the HOLDDATA of the applied PTFs which are relevant to your site and perform all actions required after applying the fixes. If this is not completed, it can result in errors and disruption to your service if not handled appropriately.

    NOTE: CA-ACF2 Customers may ignore the HOLDDATA in PTFs FSD0038, FSD0057, FSD0061, FSD0062 and FSD0073 (located in Mainframe E-Fixes) in relation to these procedures, as this would be handled by Step 11 below.

  11. Edit member EJCPxxxx (xxxx is the RSS type: RACF, ACF2 or TSS) in the UPGRADE library.
    This job backs up some of the procedures that were copied to the system PROCLIB library during product installation and replaces them with the updated procedures provided in this fix (EXECOUT). The backup is done by copying the relevant members into a backup library, using IEBCOPY:
    • Before running this job, set the name of an existing library to be used as backup library (the library into which the members must be backed up) in the SET BKUPLIB statement.
    • Submit the job.
      Expected condition codes are summarized in the following table:


      CHECCPR 0 4
      BKUPPROC Not run 0
      CHECCST Not run 0
      COPYPROC Not run 0

      When STCJOBS=lib:

      CHECCPR 0 4 4
      BKUPPROC Not run 0 0
      CHECCST Not run 4 4
      BKUPSTC Not run 0 0
      COPYPROC Not run 0 0
      COPYSTCJ Not run 0 0
      CHECLCP Not run 4 0
      DELLPRC Not run Not run 0
      DELSPRC Not run 0 Not run

  12. If the product procedures and/or STCJOBs were locally modified, apply these modifications to the new procedures and/or STCJOBs using the backup copies taken in Step 5 above.
  13. Customers installing Connector for the first time must continue the installation procedure from Step 14 in the respective Administration Guide.

NOTE: For new installations: To use locally developed STCJOBs, set them after the Mainframe Connector is installed successfully, based on the distributed STCJOBs provided by SailPoint Technologies. The distributed STCJOBs can be found in the PROCLIB library, with the suffix J, such as, CTSACDJ, CTSACSJ, and so on.




Hi ,

We are seeing an error related to EXECOUT DD statement on our logs. (RACF 4.00 Version). 


CTS1041S File error: open failed on TSO services file DD:EXECOUT with message: EDC5092I An I/O abend was trapped

SYS21083.T110806.RA000.CTSACS.R0188198 CL(DATASET ) VOL(BATX06)
IEC150I 913-38,IFG0194E,CTSACS,CTSACS02,EXECOUT,7D15,BATX06, 648


Is there a way to temporarily fix this ? (We would require some time to apply the fix mentioned above).

Customer was attempting to upload the TRS file with the indicated BLK size, but it kept failing, this was fixed changing the BLK size to 27648 

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