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Adjusting Logging Levels in Elasticsearch

Adjusting Logging Levels in Elasticsearch

Adjusting Logging Levels in Elasticsearch

Summary:  This article outlines how to adjust logging levels in Elasticsearch


Elasticsearch logging levels can be adjusted by changing the corresponding logger.{name}.level to the desired level.  Each logger accepts Log4j 2’s built-in log levels, from least to most verbose: OFFFATALERRORWARNINFODEBUG, and TRACE.

  1. Navigate to the server which host the elasticsearch service
  2. Open services.msc and stop the elasticsearch service
  3. Navigate to the elasticsearch config folder (generally located at C:\Program Files\SailPoint\elasticsearch-5.1.1\config)
  4. Open the Log4j properties file 
    1. Recommend opening in Notepad++ for easier viewing
  5. Locate the logger level you would like to adjust and enter the new desired logging level
  6. Save the file
    1. ES Logging Levels.PNG
  7. Start the elasticsearch service 


The following levels correspond to the following log files

  • logger.action.level -> elasticsearch-service-x64-stdout, FileAccessManager
  • logger.deprecation.level -> FileAccessManager_deprecation




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