When do I need Expert Services?

When do I need Expert Services?


When a SaaS platform issue arises, which team do you contact? In many situations, the SaaS Support team is the correct resource to quickly resolve an issue, however there are certain instances where the Expert Services team may be required instead.

After reading this document, if you are still unsure whether your issue should be addressed by SaaS Support or Expert Services, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more guidance. They will be able to help determine the best resolution path for you and route it appropriately.

You can also contact your CSM or request an Expert Services/partner engagement directly if the issue is clearly something for Expert Services or an implementation partner. This will greatly improve your time to resolution. You can read more about Expert Services and how to engage the team in the Working With Services page.

SaaS Support or Expert Services?

Learn more about the scope of what each team addresses to help determine whether your issue should go to SaaS Support or Expert Services.

The SaaS Support team focuses on break-fix issues. Our Cloud Support Engineers have a diverse, deep skill set that allows them to understand and resolve issues related to OOTB product functionality that was working previously.

The Expert Services team focuses on issues that are not break-fix. Data quality challenges, rules, new configurations, and creating and updating customizations all fall under Expert Services, as they are better equipped to efficiently, and effectively, craft a solution.

What is break-fix?

Generally, if IdentityNow stops working without changes to configuration, it is break-fix. These issues can be caused by external interaction or a product issue, including:

  1. OOTB rules that are not customized.
  2. Product issues not previously discovered.
  3. Issues caused by a product update.
  4. Exceptions/page load failures on OOTB action buttons or links.
  5. Certification issues.

Please note, there is some overlap between break-fix issues and those that are not break-fix. For example, updates are vetted through QA and a product issue is highly unlikely, but possible (break-fix). However, some updates may cause issues with custom rules and/or configurations (not break-fix).

What is not break-fix?

The following list includes some of the major categories of issues best served by Expert Services, or an implementation partner (not break-fix). They can also be handled through self-service via Compass forums and knowledge base articles, or product documentation.

  1. Data quality
    The data in sources attached to IdentityNow is under the customer's control. Care and maintenance of source data is the responsibility of the customer's personnel.
  2. Rules
    Customizing rules requires scripting and site-specific integration. These rules are fabricated by, or for, the customer. While changes can be made to OOTB example rules to produce a usable rule, adding site-specific customizations puts them on the level of custom rules.
  3. Site-specific configuration and integration
    Custom configurations and integrations make it difficult to account for the number of differences across customer enterprises. For this reason, configuration and integration are better suited for Expert Services or an implementation partner. Both Expert Services and implementation partners have the necessary tools and experience to help with these customizations.
  4. Slowness due to customer network performance issues
    SailPoint actively measures performance issues. Issues with slowness related to a customer's network performance should be addressed by the customer's networking team(s).
  5. Configuration/support of 3rd party software
    Although SaaS Support has a wide breadth of knowledge, the team does not provide support for 3rd party software. While we may be able to recommend some changes, specific software admins are ultimately responsible for troubleshooting and resolving 3rd party issues.

SaaS Support and Expert Services example scenarios

The following example scenarios highlight situations in which you may need SaaS Support or Expert Services assistance. The resource listed is the best option for quickly resolving your issue.

Example 1

Scenario: I need a new Access Profile or Role to accommodate a new business process.

Resource: Customer/Expert Services

You, the customer, can create a new Access Profile or Role according to documentation. If assistance is needed, contact our Expert Services team or an implementation partner.  

Example 2

Scenario: I have developed a new rule, or updated an existing rule and need assistance with implementation and/or troubleshooting the rule.

Resource: Expert Services

Contact Expert Services for assistance with developing, implementing, updating, and troubleshooting custom rules. 

Example 3

Scenario: I have configured a new source using an OOTB connector. When provisioning, I am not seeing the expected values within the target system. For example, First Name appears within both the First Name and Last Name fields in the target system.

Resource: Expert Services

Expert Services can help investigate your new source configuration and ensure correct configuration for the desired provisioning.

Example 4

Scenario: I have implemented a new source within IdentityNow but cannot successfully aggregate accounts or entitlements from the associated system.

Resource: Expert Services

Expert Services has the expertise to assist with successfully configuring a new source.

Example 5

Scenario: The current configuration of my existing source does not meet new business process requirements. I need assistance with customizing the connector configuration to meet my needs.

Resource: Expert Services

Expert Services can assist with reconfiguring an existing source.

Example 6

Scenario: I have an existing Access Profile or Role that is no longer being provisioned.

Resource: SaaS Support

SaaS Support can investigate why the Access Profile or Role is no longer being provisioned and help resolve the issue.

Example 7

Scenario: I have not made any configuration changes, but the IdentityNow tenant is not accessible.

Resource: SaaS Support

SaaS Support can assist with gaining emergency access to the tenant and investigating the root cause.

Example 8

Scenario: My existing source's aggregations are no longer completing successfully. I have not made any configuration changes to my source.

Resource: SaaS Support

SaaS Support can assist with investigating why aggregations are failing and help with resuming successful aggregation.

Example 9

Scenario: After a CCG update, aggregations for one or more previously working sources are no longer completing successfully.

Resource: SaaS Support for an OOTB connector, Expert Services for a custom connector

For an OOTB connector, raise a SaaS Support case. If the connector is custom and an update is required, Expert Services is recommended.

Example 10

Scenario: I have a Virtual Appliance (VA) that is not reporting to IdentityNow. I need assistance troubleshooting the VA connection.

Resource: SaaS Support/Customer

SaaS Support can assist with VA connection issues. If the issue is determined to be environment related (i.e., TLS misconfiguration, network connectivity, or latency issues), you will need to work with your internal team(s) to resolve the underlying issues.

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