Requirements Gathering Wizard

This tool is designed to walk you through the documentation of your organization's business requirements. The goal is to gain a high-level understanding of the sources that are in scope for this IAM project, the access management procedures around those sources, and the expectations around your final implementation of IdentityNow.

Please understand that this is not an exhaustive list of requirements - the wizard is intended to be a data gathering tool that will guide more in-depth discussions with your SailPoint implementation team. However, we ask that you provide answers to the fullest extent possible so that the follow-up conversations you will have with your SailPoint team can be directed towards addressing any gaps or questions.

As you work through this wizard, we will automatically save your work each time you click the "Next" or "Save Progress" buttons. Once you are finished, simply click the "Send to SailPoint" button at the top of the page to generate a data file that can be downloaded and emailed to SailPoint for review.