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Coupa Connector

Coupa Connector

The SailPoint Coupa connector provides the capability for seamless and secure connection to Coupa system and managing user access and groups throughout the user’s lifecycle. Along with the entire user life cycle, Coupa connector manages account’s User-Groups, Content-Groups, Account-Groups and Approval-Groups membership as entitlements.


Support Level: SailPoint Delivered

Connectors developed by SailPoint's Engineering team and supported under annual SailPoint support and maintenance. Reach out to SailPoint support for assistance.



YesC.pngProvisioning YesC.pngAccess Modelling Compliance YesC.png
YesC.pngAccess Certification YesC.pngExtended Schema  


Supported Use Cases

    • Full Account Aggregation
    • Delta Account Aggregation
    • Get / Refresh Account
    • Full Group Aggregation (Roles)
    • Manages Account’s User-Groups, Content-Groups, Account-Groups and Approval-Groups membership as entitlements
    • Get / Refresh Group*
    • Create Account Provisioning
    • Update Account Provisioning
    • Enable / Disable Account Provisioning
    • Add Entitlement(s)
    • Remove Entitlement(s)

*This feature is currently supported only with the IdentityIQ platform


Supported Versions

  • Any Version (Cloud)



Is this a COUPA connector or are Web Services, JDBC, LDAP, SCIM 2.0 to connect to end-point application using more of a custom approach?

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