Oracle EPM Connector

Oracle EPM Connector

SailPoint’s Oracle EPM connector offers deep access governance for Oracle EPM. This connector offers complete CRUD operations for the application's users, groups, and roles. This connector has been developed using Oracle EPM's standard (REST) APIs.


Support Level: SailPoint Professional Services

This Connector is developed, managed, and supported by SailPoint's Professional Services.



YesC.pngProvisioning  YesC.pngAccess Modelling   YesC.pngPassword Management  
YesC.pngAccess Certification YesC.pngCompliance  YesC.pngExtended Schema


Supported Versions

  • Any Version (Cloud)


Professional Services Delivered Connector

This connector leverages SailPoint’s standard connectors (Web Services, JDBC, LDAP, SCIM 2.0, etc.) that includes additional configuration providing specific application functionality. This connector can be configured by SailPoint Professional Services and has a cost associated with it. SailPoint support and maintenance only covers SailPoint’s standard connectors (Web Services, JDBC, LDAP, SCIM 2.0, etc.) and not the additional configuration that provides application specific functionality.

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Please let me know if Oracle EPM connector can be used for Hyperion Essbase and Hyperion Financial Management applications?



           Can anyone please let me know if the Oracle EPM connector can be used for the Hyperion Financial Management application?

Thanks in advance.


Does this connector work with IdentityNow?  or only with IIQ?



Good afternoon,

Is there any roadmap for a release of an EPM connector outside of the SailPoint Delivered Services, as it was mentioned that SailPoint would be moving away from these connector services?

My client is looking to implement the integration through either the OOTB WebServices Connector or developing a custom Webservice connector, so looking for a best option for implementation.


Thanks in advance,

Joseph L.



Hi @joseph_leal,

Good Day !!!

I assume you have already started implementing Oracle EPM application for your client or may be you would have already implemented it  

My client is having same requirement as yours, could you please let me know which option is the best so that I can plan it accordingly.




We went the route of using the OOTB WebService Connector. For EPM, you have to create various CSV files for the appropriate CRUD operation. So in a WebServiceBeforeOperation rule, we are creating the csv file locally and then executing the API to uploade the file, then in a WebServiceAfterOperation rule, we are deleting the csv file created locally and executing the API to delete the file from EPM.

We are still in the process of development and hopefully will be testing soon.

Thanks Joseph!!!

We are in the process of configuring automated provisioning with our EPM environment. The best option available is the OOTB WebService connector like joseph_leal stated. We are currently migrating our EPM from a Classic environment to the newer OCI environment. The REST API options with OCI are better in my opinion. You don't have to worry about creating and deleting CSV files like you do with the Classic environment. The provisioning is performed against Oracle IDCS (Identity Cloud Service). Oracle has a Postman collection that you can import and use to save time. I've successfully called Oracle's REST APIs with Postman to perform Create User and Add AppRole operations. It's just a matter of extracting the details in the Postman collection and setting that up in SailPoint. I've included some helpful links below.

Differences Between Classic and OCI EPM Cloud Environments (

REST API for Oracle Identity Cloud Service - Users REST Endpoints

Using the Oracle Identity Cloud Service REST APIs with Postman

Hi Joey - Thanks a lot, its very useful information !!!

Hi All

We also have a similar requirement of integrating Sailpoint through OOTB webservices connector for CRUD operations in EPM.
We have a classic clone environment for our regular testing purposes and we want to understand if anyone has done testing for importing the accounts from a CSV using REST API.

Please let us know if you have any inputs.

Thanks in advance !!

Hi @joseph_leal ,

Were you able to complete the EPM integration with OOTB Webservice Connector?

We have same requirement as yours, could you please let me know the approach that you have taken to implement this integration?

Thanks in advance!


@rnadikattu ,

We are currently in the process of testing our configurations in our dev env. We went the route of using the OOTB WebService connector using the classic API which requires CSV files. 

We have leveraged before webservice rules to create the csv file to be uploaded and then used the Webservice operation config to invoke the API for each respected CRUD operation.

Then in the after Webservice rule, we delete the csv files that were uploaded to the tenant and file created locally during the upload. 

Thanks @joseph_leal 

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