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RSA Authentication Manager Connector

RSA Authentication Manager Connector

SailPoint’s RSA Authentication Manager connector offers a single points access management solution for Users, Groups and RSA Access Tokens in your RSA Authentication Manager environment.


Support Level: SailPoint Delivered

Connectors developed by Sailpoint's Engineering team and supported under annual SailPoint support and maintenance. Reach out to SailPoint support for assistance.


Supported Use Cases


SailPoint's RSA Authentication Manager Connector supports the following features:

  • Load and *provision RSA Accounts
  • *Access Certifications (certification of entitlements connected to accounts)
  • *Password management
  • *Partitioned account aggregation
  • PIN reset of token in the new pin mode

  • Partition account aggregation


Before you can use any item above marked with an asterisk (*), SailPoint must activate the feature for your site.


The RSA Authentication Manager source supports multiple group objects. The details of the features are:






Password Management


Group Entitlements (Read, Request, Revoke)

Groups, Tokens, Profile

Group Entitlements

Group Entitlements are the entitlement types for which IdentityNow provides the ability to aggregate additional details of these entitlement types from the managed system. These objects have separate schema-defining lists of attributes that the aggregation task fetches as additional details when aggregation is run for that Group Entitlement type.








Account Management

  • Manages RSA Users as Accounts
  • Aggregation, Refresh Accounts, Pass-Through Authentication
  • Partitioned Account Aggregation
  • Create, Update, Delete
  • Enable, Disable, Unlock, Change Password, PIN Reset

    For more information on PIN Reset, see RSA Token PIN Reset.

  • Add/ Remove Entitlements
  • PIN Reset of Token in New Pin Mode

  • Token Replacement

    For more information on Token Replacement, see RSA Token Replacement.

  • Clear RSA SecurID Token PINs No

Account - Group Management

  • Manages RSA User Groups as Account-Groups
  • Aggregation, Refresh Groups
  • Create, Update, Delete

Token Management

  • Manages RSA User Tokens as Entitlement
  • Aggregation

Radius Profile Management

  • Manages RSA RADIUS Profile as Entitlement

  • Aggregation


Supported Versions

  • The RSA Authentication Manager source supports versions 8.6 and 8.7 and their respective patches.


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