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SAP SuccessFactors Connector

SAP SuccessFactors Connector

SailPoint’s SAP SuccessFactors connector offers a deep level of management of your Employees, Contingent workers, and Users present in SuccessFactors Employee Central as well as Groups and Roles. It offers the seamless automation of your Joiner, Mover, and Leaver use cases where you can manage the complete role based access control from single place.


Support Level: SailPoint Delivered

Connectors developed by SailPoint's Engineering team and supported under annual SailPoint support and maintenance. Reach out to SailPoint support for assistance.


Supported Use Cases

  • Full Account and Group/Entitlement Aggregation
  • Delta Account Aggregation
  • Single Account Aggregation
  • Single Group/Entitlement Aggregation
  • Create Account (users only)
  • Update Account (limited attributes)
  • Enable / Disable Account
  • Unlock Account
  • Change Account Password
  • Add Entitlement(s)
  • Remove Entitlement(s)
  • Concurrent Employment (Primary OR Secondary)
  • Add Entitlement(s) (Only Static Groups)
  • Remove Entitlement(s) (Only Static Groups)

Supported Versions

  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central


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I have a client requirement to retrieve additional informations from SuccessFactors.


  • LocalJobTitle="/person/employment_information/job_information/local_job_title"
  • Start Date="/person/employment_information/start_date"
  • Default Locale="/person/personal_information/custom_string1"
  • Career Track="/person/employment_information/job_information/custom_string7"
  • PayrollID="/person/employment_information/compensation_information/payroll_id"
  • PayGroup="/person/employment_information/compensation_information/pay_group"

All work except for the last two, which comes from "compensation_information", which is not listed in the Guide (version 8.1.2 page 18).

Is that the reason, why it doesn't work ?

What are my options if the client wants to retrieve these attributes?



The compensation_information is not part of the portlet expand by the connector in the Soap request, so you can't access to this information.

Also be aware that your xPath request only access the first employment, if people have multiple employment you can't be sure that you catch the primary employment.

Best regards

thanks @sgpopoff,

Could you provide an example for how to get the primary employment information? i suppose it is something like /person/employment_information[primary="true"]/start_date; nut i am not aware of the specific syntext

Hello Henrik,

Welcome to the Jungle ;-), but remember EC Connector can only manage one Job, so many to one it's complex.

There is no simple way to collect the "primary" employment, because there is many way to manage multiple employments. I know 3 that's used HR:

1 Secondary assignment

2 Global Assignment

3 multiple employment 

The last one is completely free, out of a clear management.

The second one is based on the fact that employment without the element "SecondaryAssignmentPeriodis the primary job

The first case is more complex because you have to deal with expatriation / impatriation Host and Home company. Basically an employment with the element "global_assignment_information" is the primary till the return to Home or other end.

I don't know how Sailpoint developers deals with those case, sometime it's good, sometime is not so good, XPath can give you clue that the choice between employment / job is complicated, but you can't redesign the connector with XPath.

Best regards,


Is a separate license needed for Success Factor connector? Or is the default IdentityIQ license sufficient?

Hi Team,

I have a requirement, if the employment_information\end_date is not configured with any value then I need to fetch contract_end_date  value from employment_information\job_information\contract_end_date.

Could you please suggest me, how to configure Xpath 2.0 condition.



Hi Team,

We are in 8.0P1 environment and trying to integrate the successfactors application as the HR system in SailPoint.

We request your suggestions on how to add additional schema attributes other than the default schema. Is it through Xpaths as mentioned in the above comments . If so, please provide the process on how to add the attributes and fetch the values from application.



Does this connector supports Delta aggregation for 8.2p1 or p2?

8.2 documentation says only full aggregation and doesn't explicitly says that delta aggregation is not supported.


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