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SGNL Sailpoint IdentityNow System of Record

SGNL Sailpoint IdentityNow System of Record

SGNL enables enterprise customers to achieve Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP), by enabling dynamic and continuous access decisions to be made at the time access is being attempted using business context. SGNL’s Privileged Identity Management technology eliminates standing access to critical systems, drastically reducing the blast radius of a possible breach, and even revoking privileged sessions when context changes.

This integration uses SailPoint’s public APIs to ingest rich business context into SGNL, making it available inside of policies alongside these other systems. In this simple example, we use only SailPoint – however in our customer environments, they will frequently have 10 or more Systems of Record that can be used seamlessly within a set of policies.



Support Level: Technology Partner

This integration is developed and supported by Living Security. For technical support with this integration please email 

Supported Versions

  • IdentityNow





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