Workday Accounts

Workday Accounts

SailPoint’s Workday Accounts solution extends a deep level of management on your Workers, Contingent workers and Worker Accounts present in Workday HCM along with Org Roles and Security Groups. It offers a complete access management for your Workday accounts distributed in Organisations and Security Groups.


Support Level: SailPoint Delivered

Connectors developed by SailPoint's Engineering team and supported under annual SailPoint support and maintenance. Reach out to SailPoint support for assistance.


Supported Use Cases

Account Management

  • Create Workday Accounts

  • Aggregation

Group Management

  • Aggregation of User based Security Groups through Account Aggregation


  • Enable, Disable

  • Change Password

  • Add/Removal of Organization Role

  • Add/Removal of User-Based Security Groups


P.S. Workday Accounts Connector supports provisioning of all supported attributes except for File number and Worker type.

Supported Versions

  • Workday Connector supports the following versions of Workday System:
  • Workday API version 30.1, 31
  • Note: Workday Connector uses Workday's SOAP API which are independent of Workday system version and are backward compatible.


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Could Sailpoint 7.3 for Workday connector support the following cases:

  • Full Entitlement Aggregation
  • Full Group Aggregation

If not, wich cases support the old version? (7.3) just Full account aggregation?

Thank you in advance.


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