Training Subscriptions

Training Subscriptions

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How can a learner confirm that they have a subscription and when it expires?

From their learner dashboard, a user will see the subscription package in their Completed Learning. They will see the status within their subscription, the expiration date, and see when they're eligible for reacquisition (two weeks prior to their expiration date).


What eLearning courses and QuickLearns will list zero dollars and will automatically enroll the user?

eLearning courses and QuickLearns will list zero dollars. One thing to note is that training units, where associated, will still be visible but do not prevent a user’s access to eLearning courses or QuickLearns. 


What is included in the Training Subscription?

All eLearning training courses and QuickLearns are included in the subscription program. Consumption is unlimited within your subscription period, and when you complete a course, you may retake it at any time during the subscription period.


What’s not included in the eLearning Subscription package?

The eLearning subscription does not include instructor-led courses or certification exams.


How does the purchaser complete the registration into a Subscription package and what do they see in their plan page?

The subscription package will be listed in the purchasers Completed Learning. From there, the purchaser will need to launch and accept the Terms and Conditions. 


What is the processes to provide learner names?

You can communicate your list of subscription learners to SailPoint by contacting your Customer Success Manager, or the SailPoint Education Services team through the SailPoint Support Portal.


What is the process of learner access acquisition?

SailPoint adds the named users provided by the purchaser to the subscription. The named users are sent an email informing them that they have access to an eLearning subscription.


When can subscribers be added to the subscription package?

The named users (subscribers) can be assigned to the subscription at any point during the active period but cannot be changed once subscribed.


Can a purchaser also be a named subscriber?



When does the subscription begin?

The subscription period is one year from activation date.


How can I pay for a subscription?

Credit card is the only method of payment for subscriptions. Training units are not available for subscription payment.




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