New to SailPoint

Are you new to SailPoint?

Here are some recommendations to help you succeed.


Recommendations for all customers

  • Adherence to SailPoint's recommended staffing requirements.

  • Ensure key project personnel have attended appropriate SailPoint training.

  • Ensure all SailPoint project participants sign up for Compass accounts. Compass is SailPoint's online community portal which contains a knowledgebase, training info, documentation, etc.

  • Determine which team members will need to see all tickets opened by any user in the organization. Contact to enable elevated access.

  • Review and understand SailPoint's support guide.

  • Attend SailPoint user group events or the annual Navigate conference.

  • Attend touchpoint meetings with your SailPoint Professional Services representative and/or your Customer Success Manager. These are scheduled by your CSM and/or PS Engagement Manager.

  • Schedule a project sign off meeting with your Partner and/or SailPoint services to review the status of all deliverables.

Recommendations for IdentityIQ customers

Recommendations for SaaS customers